Learning to learn in a reflective practitioner's framework

Doina Irina Simion
University Politehnica Bucharest

This contribution is an account of changes at personal and home teaching
situation level (HTS) throughout the span of fifteen years, based on both
questionnaire surveys and naturalistic insights regarding EFLT practice. The history of some incremental changes has been reviewed in some teacher relevant areas such as classroom management practice, teaching skills and the teacher knowledge base. The source of the investigation came within a reflection based self–development project designed to lay the ground for personal teaching epistemology.

The background to the above experiential continuum has been personal and group exposure to the communicative approach in English Language Teaching triggered by participation in the British-Romanian sponsored project entitled PROSPER. One of the main gains of the project was that it had allowed most participants to develop strong self efficacy beliefs based on both mastery experiences and social modelling.

The interpretation framework looks at the role played by Prosperese acquisitions in changing the HTS occupational development approach against such change resistors as conservatism, need of stability, control and certainty. A point is made on whether the HTS approach to management requires–in the face of the Bologna process challenge–a continuation of the same incrementalistic development approach or a switch to deep-going re-engineering.

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