Everyday Life, Social Change, and Cultural Revolution - Henri Lefebvre's Heritage

Heinz Sünker

Henri Lefebvre, the outstanding representative of Western Marxism, analysed structures and contents of every day life (which is encompassing the Marxian critique of political economy) in late capitalism in the interest of answering the question of chances of real social changes, i.e. social transformations aiming at a real revolution - and not only the exchange of ruling powers/pseudoelites. The paper deals with Lefebvre's analysis of everyday life showing the relevance of the category 'ambiguity' for social anylsis.

In a second step the papers deals with analysing Lefebvre's perspective of a cultural revolution.It is shown that only the mediation of Lefebvre's analyses with the German concept of 'Bildung' may be able to solve the question of a real revolution.

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