Political illusions in Poland from psychological perspective

Jarosław Klebaniuk

Instytut of Psychology

Wroclaw University

Main thesis

Polish political scene seems to be divided in a way known elsewhere

This is illusion: the right-left division is non-existent in Poland

Voters are faced by a right-right choice

Mass propaganda is responsible for the phenomenon

Cognitive mechanisms’ perspective could be employed to explain propaganda efficiency

Some personality orientations are responsible for the acceptance of the right-right effect


In the paper a short analysis of the main political parties’ practice of ruling, programmes and propaganda means will be presented. Than the right-wing bias will be described as a specific phenomenon of Polish politics. Some propaganda theories (cultivation perspective by G. Gerbner, spiral of silence by E. Noelle-Neumann) will be cited to explain the effect. Finally, some personality orientations (right-wing authoritarianism by B. Altemeyer, social dominance orientation by J. Sidanius and F. Pratto) will be drawn upon as possible psychological explanatory variables. The acceptance of the current state of political affairs is therefore the consequence of (jointly): exposure to the mainstream mass propaganda and some personality traits making the acceptance of political parties and socio-economic system easier. Some empirical evidence is available (and will be cited) concerning the Polish voter 2005 behaviour and preferences.

The above diagnosis could be subject to amendments as the political situation is ever changing (and some new theoretical ideas come up sometimes, too).

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